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Nanotech Spinach???


OK, sometimes you just have to work with Nature, not against it. Scientists in California have put specially treated carbon nanotubes, small "threads" of carbon atoms, into spinach plants ! Why would they want to do this?. Well, scientists have "highjacked" the plant and ... Read More...


Nanotechnology and your Teeth


Your mouth is FILTHY !! Really !  Your mouth is full of germs, which is why you are supposed to brush your teeth well. As you get older, and particularly if you don't keep your teeth clean, bacteria (germs!) get down under your gums and ... Read More...

Blacker than Black?


Color...... What do we mean when we say an object is "red", or "blue" or "black". We see an object's color as the color of light that it reflects.  A red shirt is red because it reflects (bounces back) red light (and absorbs all other colors).  ... Read More...

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Selected Editions Available in Print Ready Spanish

Selected editions of Nanooze are available for download in Spanish in print ready PDF format. This is in addition to the Spanish language content on the Nanooze web site. Sorry, we do not print and distribute Nanooze in Spanish but you are welcome to download ... Read More...

link to nanooze issue 13  nanooze_edition_13

Issue 13: Unexpected Properties

Issue #13 is currently not available via print. Issue 13 of Nanooze completes our 4 part series on Chemistry, begun in conjunction with  of the International Year of Chemistry.  ( see issue 10, issue 11, issue 12) .The unifying theme of issue 13 is one of ... Read More...


Issue 12: Molecules in Motion

Issue #12, "Molecules in Motion", is part 3 of our series on chemistry. The concept of molecules in constant motion manifests itself in many ways throughout nanotechnology and is  #2 on the list of the main concepts of nanotechnology which run through our explanations. Download, view, ... Read More...


Issue 11: Molecules

Issue #11, "Molecules",  is the 2nd in our four part series on Chemistry. One of the most important concepts in nanotechnology is that molecules have size and shape (#3 on the four basic concepts of nanotechnology). Download , view, and print  Issue #11 as normal ... Read More...


Issue 10: Atoms

Issue 10---Atoms---is the first of a 4 part series in honor of the International Year of Chemistry. "Everything is made of Atoms" is the first of the Four Commandments. Download, View, and print Issue #10 as normal PDF View Issue #10 as electronic book (flippable pages) As always, ... Read More...

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Issue 8: Nanomedicine

There are an enormous number of applications of nanotechnology to health and medicine. In fact, with the possible exception of electronics, medicine is the area where you are most likely to encounter nanotechnology in daily life. Issue #8, Nanomedicine, covers both current and future applications ... Read More...


Issue 7: Food

Nanotechnology is all around us—and not just in our computers and iPods. It’s in our food, the air we breathe, and lots of the stuff we use every day. Nanotechnology is everywhere and you might be surprised to find out that it isn’t new. Even ... Read More...


Issue 6: Self-Assembly

What is self-assembly? Few things in life are free. It usually takes parts and tools and some energy to build stuff. But can you imagine a bunch of parts assembling into something all by themselves? Some molecules can actually self- assemble to make interesting structures, i.e., ... Read More...


Issue 5: Touch and Hearing

The last issue in our three part series dedicated to the Five Senses. Issue #5 explores Hearing and Touch. Most of the time we almost forget about them but there are five of them—smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch. A stinky sock, pizza, Red Hot Chili ... Read More...


Issue 4: Smell and Taste

Issue 4--Part 2 of the 5 senses-- covers the senses of Smell and Taste. They should work well as supplemental and enrichment material in support of biological sciences in the middle school and high school curricula. Download, view, and print Issue #4 as normal PDF View ... Read More...


Issue 3: Sight

Issue #3 is the first of a three part series on the Five Senses and what is “nano” about them.  The sense of Sight is so important it gets an entire issue of its own. (see issue #4 and Issue #5 for the other senses). Each ... Read More...

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Issue 1: What is Nanotechnology?

Issue #1 was the "pilot" issue for Nanooze in Print. No hard copies are available. It is only 4 pages. View and Print Issue #1 nanooze_edition_01 Topics include: What is nanotechnology? How big is a nanometer? Nanobots, the Reality! Better Tennis Rackets (and other cool things) through Nanotechnology.

Nicholas Kotov

Nicholas Kotov

Born and raised in Moscow, Nicholas Kotov had traveled quite a bit before becoming a Professor at the University of Michigan. Nicholas Kotov loves science and works on ways to correct vision problems by making nanoscale materials such as carbon nanotubes that can interact with ... Read More...